Customer Review

Rose Pink Cynophilia

I sooooo love Happy Tail Dachshund Home!!! I got my sweet Sadie from there. So loving and caring. Treats each one with so much love. I cannot express the love I have for my sweet baby. I just want them all!!! I'm jealous they get to cuddle with so much Cuteness! I would Highly recommend Classic Dachshunds. ­

Bernard Coman Ailurophiles

If you are looking for a dachshund, Happy Tail Dachshund Home is the place !My husband and I were looking to expand our family with a English cream dachshund we were referred to Grai Dachshunds & we are so glad ! We got not only pictures each day of our precious puppy rosie lynn, but we got videos too!We love rosie lynn with all our heart ♡ & so glad we chose Grai Dachshunds for our 2nd dachshund Rosie Lynn. Jennifer and David Niles

Cynthia Kink animal lover

Very prompt and trustworthy. Good communication and knowledge in the field. We haven’t purchased a puppy unfortunately from them as they didn’t have what we wanted, but Happy Tail Dachshund Home was very helpful with guidance and information. I will really recommend the company.

Donald Carrington Animal Lover

We are so happy with our little bundle of joy, Rosalind . She has fit herself perfectly into our little family and after a week, she is doing so well. We were also able to get our delivery date moved up, which was absolutely wonderful! Thanks, Happy Tail Dachshund Home! 🙂

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